Transcribe Audio to Text Feature in Primero!?

Proposal one-liner:

possibility to add (convert audio to text) feature to fields under assessment form in Primero! ((for our instance Arabic language is needed)).

Value proposition:
this technology feature will save a lot of time of data entry users (case workers) especially for contexts where most of time we have intermediate connection. Any context can utilize this feature into their own local language.

Brief explanation
Assessment form is a bit long form and mostly used for a lot of texting as case workers need to describe different aspects of the case’s life (living condition- education- …etc). In case we add (transcribe-dictate) feature to fill the fields, it would save a lot of time and effort of the field team and what will be needed is just a quick review from their side if the text is ok.
Acceptance criteria
the feature is tested and successfully added
Time estimation
2 weeks.
Risk estimation
There is a simple risk of case does not transcribe the right words at some points like one or two words per a paragraph.
Proposal Stakeholders
social workers.

Thank You

Hi Nebras, this is an interesting idea. I like it from the perspective of disability/accessibility as well. Do you know of any other apps in our field that use this tech? Does it work well?

Hi Robert, I recently followed up with field team in our IRC office, like few weeks ago, I was surprised they already utilize the voice dictation feature in the phone keyboards, they informed me this is perfectly work filling the forms using the phone device (either by activating the “enable dictation” from mobile setting or by downloading any free app on google play or app store based on device system android or IOS) but its still not active in their laptop as some IT work is needed. (I haven’t check yet if we can have free app for laptop as well).