How to doc. Learn how to propose your project

This category is the starting point of the ‘Proposal cycle’.

A proposal must be tagged as ‘discussing’ while it is being refined through the DAO community forum.

To submit a new proposal, you must follow the DAO template:

Proposal title
[DPG_Team_Name] Name of the proposal

Proposal one-liner: A concise statement that summarizes the main idea of the proposal in one sentence.

Value proposition: A clear and compelling description of the unique benefits that the proposal will provide to its intended audience or users.

Brief explanation: A brief overview of the proposal that provides enough context to help stakeholders understand its purpose, scope, and objectives.

Acceptance criteria: Specific and measurable criteria that must be met for the proposal to be considered successful and accepted by stakeholders.

Time estimation: An estimate of the time required to complete the proposal, including any necessary research, development, testing, and implementation phases.

Risk estimation: An assessment of the potential risks associated with the proposal, including any technical, financial, legal, or other risks that could impact its success or viability.

Proposal stakeholders: The individuals or groups who have a vested interest in the proposal and its outcome, including sponsors, decision-makers, users, and other key stakeholders who will be impacted by the proposal.

Estimated funding: This must be expressed in ETH and will be released upon proposal completion and fund cycle execution.