Democratize Primero Access via Single-Agency Service Tier

Proposal one-liner: Create a single-agency service tier for Primero, making this powerful SaaS platform affordable for all organizations.

Value proposition: Empower all organizations, regardless of size, to leverage Primero’s power by breaking down the pricing barrier.

Brief explanation Currently, Primero’s prohibitive pricing excludes single agency rollouts and small and local organizations from leveraging Primero’s transformative tools.

Acceptance criteria Service tier draft developed and successfully tested.

Time estimation 1 month??

Risk estimation Managing multiple service tiers with different access levels and functionalities can increase operational complexity and require additional resources. Determine ways to offer a lower cost tier for single organization that doesn’t detract from higher tiers and inter-agency rollouts.

Proposal Stakeholders Primero Stakeholders

Rather than a new tier why not have a mechanism (maybe even this DAO itself) to support worthy implementations, projects or orgs who otherwise would not be able to use the SaaS platform
Security, reliability and extensability are features of the SaaS and highly skilled folks need to be paid to provide them so thats why it costs.
If not maybe its enough that the platform is open source since anyone can take the code and host it themselves

In general, I agree with that rationale, but I also think there are situations where individual organizations are “holding down the fort” in contexts where donors don’t have a lot of interest. It seems unfair to those orgs that they can’t access the same services at a more accessible price. They then have to compromise or make choices that they shouldn’t have to make between safe/unsafe systems or funding other critical aspects of their programmes. These situations also generally call for fewer services and i would like to understand where we can cut costs so that we can offer this without the larger Primero budget being negatively impacted.

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You’ve captured this well, Robert. We don’t have the capacity in house to take the open source code and run with it. Of course, where we can, we want to join inter-agency instances; however, there are settings (particularly refugee contexts) where there are no options for inter-agency rollouts, and we are the lone CP or GBV provider, so no one to share the costs with either.

Beyond IRC, we should be thinking about how local or national NGOs can use this system. That is a whole other component to scale and also to making this system accessible beyond Globla North INGOs and UN agencies.