Decimals Update and Points to Note

This relates tothis proposal
Decimals are working locally so this should be deployed by the end of the month. We will also set up a server so folks can check it out.
A point to note and just to be clear:
Decimals will only work on forms filled in after the work is merged. It will not work on old forms created before we make the change. (there is no way that we can go back and change all the existing PSS and Felt Stigma form to decimals). This is because of the way Primero works.

The behaviour then is this:

Any existing PSS/Felt forms will not show the decimal
New forms will have the decimal

This config has the new average for felt stigma:

Hi Ian!

I tested this out on the Felt Stigma form and it works great! The score is calculated correctly, and the decimals are showing up!

How would we add this functionality to the Psychosocial Wellbeing form too? Is there something on the system admin end that we need to do? It would also be great if we could show that score on the subform header if that’s an option?

Thank you so much! This is really exciting!

Good that it works!
This is just a demo of it working on the one form. We will add it to the pss form as well.
Outputting variables (like the decimal) into headers and labels would need to be a part of a larger scope of (as yet unapproved) work. This was already discussed on point 5 of the post proposal here