Adding a new feature to the forms: e-signature or a finger print scan (or link to any finger scan app on phone/tablet ) to Primero!

Proposal one-liner:
add a field/question for e-signature OR a direct finger-print scan or even link it to an app on phone/tablets which is the devices used for data collection in the field to consent/assent/referrals form where admins can add to modify the form.

Value proposition:
Brief explanation
There is very rare cases especially on camps level (emergency context) where case workers take the consent/assent from caregivers; however, after some time with service provision and following up with case, the caregiver may not be happy with one of the services or for any other reason, may falsify his consent of receiving his child a case management support. This leads our staff in the field to take the paper- printed consent-assent forms and take the fingerprint or signature, later on, they come to the office, scan it then attach it as a document or photo! This consumes time and effort.
Acceptance criteria
the feature is tested and successfully added.
Time estimation
in two weeks (more or less)
Risk estimation
this feature will add robust confidence on system specially from case workers in case any issues faced during anytime of case management cycle/steps, and will reduce putting team in the risk of false accusation.
Proposal Stakeholders
social case workers and stakeholders.

Thank You!

This sounds like an interesting use case!I have a question though:

What happens if a field is modified in a form after the form was signed? Is the signature still valid?
In order to have consent for a form to be valid we may need to implement immutable forms which is a concept Primero does not currently have.

Thank you Ian for the feedback!
My understanding is that not need to edit the consent form or referral sub-form as long as the other party finished signing it. However, in case any modification needed, they can add a new referral (not sure if we can add (delete) button to the previous form.!